Base64 Decode and Encode - Online Tool

Base64 ASCII - Audio - File - Hex - Image - PDF - Text - Video decode encode tool:

This tool allows you to encode or decode data in various formats using Base64 encoding. It supports encoding and decoding of ASCII, audio files (such as MP3), binary files, hexadecimal strings, images (such as JPEG or PNG), PDF documents, plain text, and videos (such as MP4).

Photo Editor

The photo editor tool enables you to edit and enhance your photos. You can crop, resize, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, apply filters and effects, add text or stickers, and perform other editing operations to improve the appearance of your images.

QR Code Generator:

The QR code generator tool allows you to generate customized QR codes. You can input text, URLs, contact information, or other data, and the tool will generate a QR code that can be scanned by smartphones or QR code readers.

Morse Code Translator:

The Morse code translator helps you convert text into Morse code and vice versa. Simply enter your text or Morse code, and the tool will translate it accordingly. This is useful for learning Morse code or sending encoded messages.


This tool converts SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. SVG files are vector-based graphics used for web design, while PNG is a raster image format widely supported by browsers. Converting SVG to PNG allows you to use your graphics on platforms that do not support SVG.

Text Compare:

The text compare tool compares two pieces of text and highlights the differences between them. It is useful for checking changes made to a document, comparing versions of code, or identifying discrepancies between two sets of data.

Strong Password Generator:

The strong password generator tool creates secure and random passwords. You can specify the length, character types (such as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols), and other parameters to generate a strong password that meets your security requirements.

Free Online OCR:

The free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool converts scanned images or PDF documents into editable text. It recognizes the text within the image and provides the extracted text in a format that can be copied or downloaded.

Image Compressor:

The image compressor tool reduces the file size of images without significant loss in quality. It optimizes images for web use by compressing them while preserving visual integrity. This helps to improve website performance and reduce bandwidth usage.

Graphing Plotter:

The graphing plotter tool enables you to create graphs and plots based on mathematical functions or data points. You can input equations or data sets, customize the appearance of the graph, and visualize the results. This is useful for analyzing data or illustrating mathematical concepts.

These tools are readily available online through various websites or platforms. To access them, search for their names or relevant keywords in popular search engines or visit reputable websites offering these services. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of these tools to accomplish your tasks effectively.